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InfoWorld article, March 2001


quote from article: Searching For Signs Of Business Intelligence

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Bill Span, an independent consultant in Bellevue, Wash., specializes
in helping clients enhance their Web sites using Web intelligence
to stay abreast of not just what the direct competition is doing but
what companies across a variety of markets are doing to improve
their Web sites. For example, Span might want to learn what a variety
of real estate companies have on their Web sites so he can help his
own clients compete in the market.

"Everybody on the Web wants to know how to use it better, how to
make more profits. If I want to know who is doing what, I can go
out there and find it across the Internet," he explains.
"[Web intelligence] gives me a proactive look at trends, and
what's going on in the industry."


CMP's TechWeb article, March 2001




quote from article: Companies eye Web-based business intelligence tools

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Bill Span, an independent consultant in Kirkland,
Wash., helps businesses market on the Internet.
For one project, he wanted to find everyone in
the state of Washington who had a website.
Span turned to Web QL, inserted his question
into its data location and extraction system, and
was able to pull about 35,000 URLs. He also
culled all the contact information into an
organized format for lead generation.

"Their software enabled me to find everybody
who was listed," Span said. "I would have had to
visit 35,000 Web pages. Now that I have it I can
find any group of people in any region, in any
vertical niche."


quote from article: Cutting Through Web Clutter

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Still, WebQL has its usefulness, according to marketing professional Bill
Span of Seattle, who purchased the business version of the product for $499
and paid Kubaitis another $150 to write a line of code that would tell the software
to extract the names and e-mail addresses of business owners in the Seattle area.

''I went through the database and selectively called the people whom I knew
would have a desire for my [consulting] services,'' Span said. ''The nice thing
was that they already had a Web presence and their names were already published.

It was perfect for generating leads.''


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